Saturday, July 31, 2010

sound and fury and stage potatoes

I will be posting new purchases later this weekend. Sound and Fury fest was surprisingly allot of fun. Great bands and hang outs. I didn't go to Day 3 where the riot happened. I'm not going to get into the politics of whether it was right or wrong. My only 2 cents is that I heard Fonzi rode in on his bike and a riot ensued.
I filmed a few bands that weekend and got some great footage. My only complaint is that I notice the same 10 people on stage just standing there. OK I get it you're jocking the bands and yes its great that you want to be on stage with them. I am no better i just show up and start filming. But seriously if you re not taking photos or even friends with the band, then please get off the stage. Especially if you're the size of a gorilla or some skank covered in tattoos. Besides that and the fact that 4 gross whores harassed Dennis from Internal Affairs and I cause we didn't want to take their dumb group photo (Thank you Stephanie K for coming to our defense.), the weekend was a success. My hats off to Joey and Ray for doing a great job with Sound and Fury. Hopefully it will happen again next year.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dan Rawes photo blog

Make sure to check out one of the best photographers in California, Dan Rawe

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

walter schriefels covering my bloody valentine

Here is Walter Schriefels (quicksand, GB, etc) covering MBV. You can use the picture of my dog as the artwork.

Walter Covering 'When You Sleep':

Monday, July 19, 2010


If you check earlier postings, Marlon already talked about the contents of the React Showcase box set. Aram had extras and put them for sale on the website. 2 mins later they sold out.
Common Cause has released an lp on React and Aram had sent one in my order. Marlon told me the members of Eyeball (see youthcrew comp 99) are in this band. Honestly I dont think Ive ever listen to Eyeball. Common Cause's lp is really good, in fact if there was a European version of The First Step it would be this band. I was pretty impressed and I usually frown upon younger and newer bands. Do your self a favor and try to get this lp if youre a fan of youth crew hardcore. Now I need to buy a tshirt.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Guilty As Charged just dropped on Deathwish INC. This is the record of the year! This hardcore juggernaut lp has been playing nonstop on my turntable. From the opening riff this LP is already a classic. Older and younger hardcore fans will love it. Do yourself a favor and buy this asap!
They will be touring next week with Terror and will make a stop @ Sound and Fury in Santa Barbara.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010




Sunday, July 11, 2010

integrity , caulfield, pale creation plus

This is the final press of this ep 100 on yellow.

I finally got my A389 records preorders. I didnt post a pic of the second press of Integrity -- To die for on red vinyl. The second press is on red vinyl and it has a different cover. My only beef with it is that the labels are red as well and and you cant see the artwork. There was a preorder package that got you a bonus Integrity split with Pale Creation limited to 300 copies. In this preorder you had to get the Califield lp and the Pale Creation ep. The Caulfied 12" is not good. It actually sounds like the typical band on Holy Terror. It has the "evil" Integrity vocals and metallic doom sounding guitars. Halfway thru the lp I got bored and turned it off. Keep in mind I am pretty out of touch when it comes to alternative music, maybe in a few months ill give it another listen and change my mind.
The Pale Creation is pretty good. metallic in the vein of well... Integrity. Red vinyl and the layout looks like something that wouldve been released on Ferret Records early 2000. This is the better of the 2 new bands.
The split with Integrity and Pale Creation is an older Integrity song and maybe an older Pale Creation song.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unbroken shows in September

The Problem With Cancer is...
...It is very expensive and due to the amazing slowness of government, insurance for most people still isn't an option.
$8,000+ will be raised by Unbroken for an upcoming show in Sep...shhhh don't complain we're playing again. Enjoy it for what it is, we know we will.A Great time for a great cause.

Jen, Sep is for you. We hope you beat the shit out of cancer!

Also, another charity show for an art community in Chiapas Mexico is in the works at a venue in San Diego. Expect details to come out very soon on all this.


This rules, I know one person who wont be attending. Karma is a bitch :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Scream -- This side up. Here is another reissue of a classic DC band on Dischord Records. The cover is now silver and it is on clear vinyl. I have no idea how many are pressed. Classic record, when they played the reunion show in Los Angeles I actually hung and spoke with Skeeter Thompson. When I was in High School I played foot ball with his lil brother Perry. I had heard a few years ago he was actually murdered in DC. Skeeter and I talked mostly about his brother and the Baileys Crossroads area in Northern Va. (I grew up there). Im so glad Dischord has been reissueing their back catalog. This is my favorite Scream record.
Here is some footage I shot of Scream a few months ago.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


JUDGE -- Chung King Picture Disc. Ok everyone says this is a bootleg then how the hell did lost and found release this stuff in the early 90's. I have a friend who used to work at Rev and he told me that a few of the band members sold them the rights to release some of the stuff from Revelation. He told me with out Revelations permission the band members would just sell Lost and Found the reals or actual recording tapes. Lost and found is no more or they become something else, I picked this up from ebay thanks to our friends @ vinyl noize for 10 bucks. I think this is the closest ill ever get to owning the Chung King.

Bridge 9 released the Underdog Discography and this is the vinyl version of it. It comes with a nice booklet and the layout is top notch. Im a lil dissapointed they didnt include the Carl Icemen demo, but there mustve not been a clean version of it. Still its nice to have this version along to add to my collection. I need to get this on red and blue now. Go to bridge 9 and they have some cool Underdog T shirts for sale.