Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beady Eye

Beady Eye – Different Gear Still Speeding
From the ashes of Oasis comes Beady Eye. Liam comes back minus his brother Noel. This album is really good and if you like Oasis then you will love this. I picked this up at Amoeba and they were already on tour when this was released. There will be a box set version of this on April 16th for record store day.
A friend of mine told me the reason he names the band Beady Eye was to be next to the Beatles catalog in the stores, good theory except record stores hardly exist outside of LA anymore. My friend also said Liam was in the record store one day and all of these people went over to shake his hand and take pictures with him. He said Liam looked at them in disgust and left the store after the session was over.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Saints -- “I’m Stranded”

The Saints -- “I’m Stranded”

Almost 10 years ago I discovered the Saints from the original owner of Smash Records. Bobby introduced me to the Saints and told me to pick up their LP. I have a few of their other LPs but not their first. This band is from Australia and one of the best punk bands to have come from the down under. The record I’m stranded has been reissued and repressed a few years back. I found this repress or boot at my local record store Freak Beats. I was doing some hunting during the aftermath of record store day. It was 24 dollars but I was pretty happy to add this piece of vinyl to my shrinking collection.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soul Search – Intolerable Weight EP on Thick Skin Records.

Soul Search is one of my favorite California Hardcore Bands right now. Along with Stick Together, Praise and Remission they are part of the new breed of hardcore. This demo was supposed to come out a while back but unfortunately Marlon at hard press had one of the worst years ever. This demo EP didn’t come out because Marlon had a appendicitis. Luckily he recovered so their good friends at Thick Skin Records decided to take over the reins and take on the task of putting this record out. Since this is their first release they had to endure all of the mishaps of dealing with all the pains most labels have to go thru. It takes allot of effort to put out a record and luckily this label was smart enough to know what not to do. They didn’t take preorders and are not making a million versions of these records to sell it. This demo is floating all over the internet, but this is the vinyl version where there is 500 on black and 100 on gold for the first press. Get these quick because it will probably be sold out in a few months. Soul Search are now on Triple BBB records and will have an ep coming out soon. Check them out on their upcoming full US tour this summer and Europe this fall.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cold Cave – Cherish the Light Years

Cold Cave – Cherish the Light Years

There was a special preorder for this where the first 50 copies are the actual test pressing for this record. For a big label like matador this is really cool. I luckily got one before it sold out this record leaked out a month ago and it is the surprise hit of 2011. No, this isn’t hardcore and no this isn’t American Nightmare. It’s more on the lines of New Order meets Depeche Mode. For their second record, it surpasses their first lp which came out 2 years ago. Catacombs is the hit single for me, the album flows really well. Meatheads will hate this album, so that is another plus in my book.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Descendents -- All Test Press

Ok the legendary Chuck Dukowski had a few eBay auctions of rare SST stuff for sale. This was from his 4th round of auctions and I think the super high bidding stopped. This is for the Descendants album All. This is the actual test press and I got it for 100 bucks. I was pretty excited to get this. I have only seen them perform 2 times in my life. On the “everything sucks tour” in 96 with my pal Jason and on the so uneventful warp tour that following summer. Now that I live in LA they are finally playing a local show with Bad Religion and Rise Against. My best friend Natalie got us tickets for this Thursdays show.
Here is the shirt from tonight’s show!
I also picked up the reissues of Everything Sucks on color vinyl, considering that the only thing worth buying from Epitaph these days. Hopefully the Descendents will play early so we can leave early. One of the perks of living in California is the amount of shows. This week I will have seen Descendants, Bad Religion and From Ashes Rise…..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super touch – Live @ WNYU

Super touch – Live @ WNYU

You have to be the ultimate fan to put this release out. This is the WNYU session of Super touch from 1988. I know yours truly has bootlegged this as well as passed it on to other tape traders. I got my copy from my buddy in NYC. I didn’t even know this was being pressed on vinyl till I saw a test press of it (limited to 50) go on eBay for 300 bucks. So when the preorders of this went up I ordered it immediately. In fact I ordered 2 of them. They come on red vinyl and the layout and graphic designs are done by Tony Pops from In My Eyes and Radio Silence
It looks great and its pretty much the same sound quality but it is a live recording. I hope Horror Hotel does more releases. Huge props to a brand new label that took preorders on a release and sent it out like they said they were going to. That’s usually a plus in my book. Oh yeah this is numbered out of 500. I’m sure these won’t exist after a year. So get it cheap while you can or pay a hella of a lot later.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

h2o -- GO!

H2O - GO!
I got this at the record swap for 5 bucks. Yes this album isnt as good as their other releases. But it is out of print and this was put out on Madonna's now defunct label Maverick. You have to give h2o credit, they started as a side project and they rose thru the ranks to be on a huge major label. It is on green vinyl and it does come with a lyric sheet.


Get High -- I picked this lp up for 2 bucks at the Hellfish record swap. This lp is great, (fans of Fastbreak take note) Al Core from American Nightmare plays on this. Big Wheel and Espo put this out. I never seen this on vinyl so for 2 bucks its a great find.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

slapshot -- live @ so36

SLAPSHOT -- live @ so36. I picked this lp and a few others for 5 bucks at this years HellFish Record Swap. A really cool event where people unload their goods. I wish Hellfish did this every few months, the original singer of rotting out was selling his collection for super cheap. I picked this up as well as the greatest hits picture disc for 5 bucks each. This is on the now defunt label We Bite Records from Europe. I love slapshot so picking this up for me for super cheap was a steal. I still need to pick up Old Tyme Hardcore and 16 Valve Hate on vinyl.

the sounds -- something to die for

The Sounds -- Something to Die For. This is the Sounds fourth release and I got it from Side One Dummy. Yes the same label that runs the warp tour. This is one of those bands who shouldve been huge but for some reason they didnt. They had a semi small hit in the Geico Cavemen commercials. I have seen them a few times live. They are really energetic and fun. Their new record is called Something to Die For and its actually really good. Really catchy, if you are fan of Blondie check them out. I still need their first 2 lps on vinyl.