Sunday, January 30, 2011

another one from Ati Morans Vault

Around 91-93 are the years that these test screen prints come from if I remember
correctly, shortly after Rev first moved to the OC, New Age Records shared a
warehouse with Rev where

their stuff was distributed and the Tshirt press was shared. The best screen
print guy in the business was Dave Sine and he was a great worker for Rev and
could turn out the best prints in seconds as he was unbelievably fast. I can
recall Dave doing some of the New Age shirts when he had time, but I also
remember Mike from New Age and my brother Rob would also do

shirts after hours. New Age than moved into their own warehouse and did their
own screen printing.

In any case I found a few of the test prints that were used to make sure
everything looked great before the print was screened onto a shirt, so there was
no waste going on. Man if I can go back and grab the shitty shirts that were
also used once in awhile that had a crap load of Rev and New Age prints all in
one, that would be cool. So all I have is this left over cloth sheets that
proved Rev and New Age records shared the same screen printing machine, if
anyone cares.

1. (A) Cloth 1- This is a fun filled one: Judge logo and Mouthpiece fist on one
side-I'm pretty sure this the Judge logo used with the black Judge shirt from
the early 90's-Judge logo in the front going down along next to Mike judge for
the front of the shirt. The back of the shirt had the storm picture. The fist is
the Mouthpiece fist, but there is no X behind it..was used for many of their

(B) Cloth 1 other side- has a big Unbroken logo, an early Mean Season
picture and lyric I think unless thats an Upfront image and lyric(anyone?) and a
New Age logo.

2. (A) Cloth 2- GB logo with the GB font..I think this was the test run for the
remake of the 7" cover shirt with this new logo on the front...shirts were

(B) Cloth 2 other side- This side also has the GB logo and font, it also has
the Outspoken's name in small font with "So What", taken from their famous
shirt: "Straight Edge isn't cool anymore"

3. This cloth has the Sparkmarker flower logo with their name in small
print...This print is the same on both sides. This print could have been made in

These cloth prints would look great in a glass frame, so check them out champs!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

negative approach -- friends of no one

negative approach -- friends of no one on taang records. This was actually a lost practice tape from the early 80's. I picked this up at the Taang Store in San Diego for 3 bucks. The guy who was working the counter was actually an older guy from DC. I told him I was from the suburbs of DC and we had mutual friends. He said he used to be known as Disco Dave???
I saw Negative Approach play 2 times a few years back in the LA area and it was one of the best shows I have ever been too. This ep is actually a pretty good recording. It leaked a year ago and in true Taang fashion it came out a year later on vinyl. Artwork is not my favorite but whatevers.

take offense -- tables will turn

This is the preorder for one of the most anticipated releases from Chula Vista's own Take Offense. Reaper has another hit on their hands. Good for them taking a chance on newer bands. Record comes on color, poster and a download code. Take Offense sounds like mid era Suicidal Tendencies. They are actually better live then recorded. But the recording is actually really good on this record. Between this and the Supertouch ep, Reaper Records is on a roll.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Supertouch -- Lost my way

Supertouch -- Lost my way. This ep finally has been released after a few years being recorded without vocals. Allot more rockier then the song on the Anti Matter comp. I know some either love it or hate it. Personally I think its pretty good. Reaper did a nice job and it came with a ton of stuff in the package.

Cast Iron Hike -- Watch it Burn

Cast Iron Hike -- Watch it Burn. I picked this up for under 5 bucks. I saw them a few times when they performed in DC. Since I am old and jaded I have been listening to allot of stuff I didnt like in the 90's. Unfortunately this wasnt one of them.

beasts of no nations

My friend Andrew Black moved out here from DC. He used to drum for the Explosion, and a huge slew of bands from the east coast. He gave me his latest project which has members of Trial By Fire, Darkest Hour etc. The band is called Beast of No Nations and it is really good. Actually this is one of the better current bands on the east coast. If you like Trial By Fire and earlier Strike Anywhere then pick this up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So Broken Needle is a HC band most compared to Uniform Choice. The band consist of members from Knife Fight, Fields of Fire, Broken Pattern, C.O.P., etc... I got the record release one at the show(silk screen cover black vinyl) and than got the White vinyl with ltd. cover from Cowabunga! Records. The other White one I got at ameoba records, oh lucky me.

Vaccine just played here in Cali and where fucking awesome. I got their new 5"(I'll post pics later) and their demo 7" tour press/3rd press on RED vinyl(also post later). All I know about this band is that they are fucking awesome, EDGE, Joe from Think I care is in it and Will Killingsworth who runs Dead Air studio is also in the band. He recorded all those awesome bands from the area like Tear it Up. That's awesome.

Ok, I first discovered this band through SOULSEEK. I somehow downloaded their Lp and was impressed. Good punk hardcore here, very snotty at times. If you have the chance look these guys up, sucks they've broken up already.


Now I love PURPOSE from New Jersey and when I found out John their singer had another band called The Break I had to check them out. I found their split with Let it Burn at ameoba a few years ago and was on the hunt for anything else they had, I than found out they had an lp before the split. So I went on ebay and low and behold I found on...sealed. I also found the split on GRAY vinyl(I already had the Blue vinyl). I gotta say, I'm loving this band its just too bad I found out about them too late. They also did an Lp for Ferret records with I can't find a physical copy of it anywhere. I got all their mp3's on my ipod and listen to them regularly. Also go and get the PURPOSE discography here


Ok, so recently Gordo at Double Cross put up a list of records he was selling to raise money for some project and on his list were these 2 Sportswear 7"s I was missing. "Keep It Together" on Yellow vinyl and "It Runs Deep" on Blue vinyl. Now I first discovered Sportswear back in '97/'98 and fell in love with the BOLD influence in the band that I had to get every pressing of any of their records. Oh yeah everyone should read Double Cross and learn some HC history. Anyone that doesn't at least check it doesn't like HC and should just listen to lady gaga instead.

Some more Integrity records.

I picked up some more records from organized crime. This pressing of those who fear is limited to around 100 copies and as a bonus comes with an autographed picture signed by Dwid and the Melnick brothers. Pretty cool.

Ride -- Nowhere

Ride Nowhere repress. I picked this up for pretty cheap around 15 bucks at Amoeba Records. Ive only seen Ride perform once in DC at the old 930 Club in DC. They were on tour with LUSH and I was a Junior in Highschool in 1991.
Great Band, my girlfriend in high school took me to the show. There was a meet and greet at the Kemp Mill records in Georgetown near the old Commander Salamander. I still have the Lush Single with all of their autographs, I gave the Ride lp and CD to Jim Siege a few years later.

I gave my t shirt a few years later to Graham who was a really close friend of mine. He looked cooler in it then i ever have

hard skin -- same meat different gravy

hard skin -- same meat different gravy on feral ward records. This not as good as their debut record but still some pretty good oi. only 1000 of these were pressed. I picked this up at Amoeba. I also saw this record as a picture disc, but I cant stand picture discs, I put them up there with 10''s as my least favorite forms of vinyl.

Less Then Zero Soundtrack w/ Glen Danzig, Slayer, Public Enemy etc

Less Then Zero Soundtrack w/ Glen Danzig, Slayer, Public Enemy etc. I picked this up for 8 bucks in San Diego at a used record store around the corner from Taang records. I was with the guys from Bitter End and I was pretty stoked. Danzig recorded a song for this soundtrack.

Per Wiki

"In 1987, Danzig, owing to his association with Rubin, was asked to write a song for Roy Orbison. The result was "Life Fades Away", featured in the 1987 movie Less than Zero.[1] Danzig also contributed to the film's soundtrack with "You and Me (Less than Zero)".[1] Danzig had originally been asked to write the song for a female vocalist, but when Rubin could not find a suitable singer Danzig recorded the vocals himself.[20] The song is credited to "Glenn Danzig and the Power and Fury Orchestra", which featured the same membership as the initial lineup of Danzig, with the exception of Eerie Von. Since Von did not like the way producer Rubin wanted the bass played on the song, George Drakoulias played the bass instead."

The Stone Roses one love / something burning single

stone roses one love / something burning single for 5 bucks @ amoeba records. The original pressing on Silvertone records. Great band part of the early 90's Manchester invasion.

Cock Sparrer -- shock troops

Cock Sparrer -- shock troops vinyl repress done by Pirates Press. The guys at pirates press did an excellent job on this great classic repress on shock troops. 600 pressed on color vinyl and it was super cheap @ revhq.

only living witness

This discography lp was done by the European label Reflections. Unfortunately the labels are on the wrong lps. There are only 500 of these pressed. They are still available.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wow, I haven't posted on this thing in a while, what the hell happened to the beautiful layout? Oh well, whatevers all I care about are records. So these couple of month's I've gotten a some records(actually a lot of records) and here are some that worst posting. I'm gonna do LP's first and 7"s will follow once I get my lazy ass to take pics(which should take another year or so...j/k).

First is the BANE "HOLDING THIS MOMENT" 12" pressing on Hurry Up Records(Store). I love these first 3 ep's by BANE and was stoked they got pressed like this.

Second is the AMERICA'S HARDCORE COMP on Triple B Records(Store) with Backtrack, Bitter End, Cruel Hand, Eightfifteen, Fire & Ice, Foundation, Free Spirit, Power Trip, the Rival Mob, Rotting Out, Thought Crusade, Title Fight, Violent Side, and Wolf Whistle.

Frontier(s) are fucking amazing and feature members from mouthpiece and Elliot Smith. Buy here and get the limited WHITE color which are strangely still available.

Ahhh NOFX,I love this band, fuck you!(j/K). You can still get the purple one from Epitaph here along with some other limited represses from other Epitaph bands. The GOLD one is a hot topic press which I think sucks. Of course I got this one from eBay but in a way I'm contributing to the destruction of punk/hc which is what hot topic is aiming at. I fucking hate that store and hate when friends want to shop there. I just don't understand why "so-called" punk labels work with them and do limited pressing for them. They don't care about our scene/culture, they just want our money.

Missing 23rd were an awesome HC band from the late '90's and were around for a pretty long time. This is their debut LP which was released on Igby's label Mankind Records. I guess Igby still has some on clear which you can get here for $15.

Now here's a weird(well actually rare) record I acquired which I didn't know existed from Over My Dead Body. According to the Indecision website there are 103 on RED and 286 on PURPLE but no BLUE color and as you can see this is BLUE. Consider me lucky, I guess.