Thursday, October 28, 2010

La Dispute – Somewhere at the Bottom

La Dispute – Somewhere at the Bottom

I can’t believe im going to say this. This double LP is awesome. I witnessed them last week as they were on tour with Touché Amore and Envy. This sounds like a cross between Rites of Spring meets Saves the Day meets Helmet. Seriously if you listen to the song Damage Goods it sounds like the music is off of Meantime. The vocals are screechy and broken ala Touché Amore meets Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch. When they played the Chain Reaction last week it was insanity. In fact Touché and Envy did awesome as well. I saw the same show in San Diego at a 21 and up bar and instead of 400 kids singing along there was 8 ha. My friend Natalie had extra tickets.But if you like emo and rock this is a great record on No Sleep records. I’m sure this guy made tons of money on this release. Keep in mind I hate all new releases and I have caught my self bobbing my head up and down to this. In fact I bought one of their shirts with a huge flower on it. Thinking about it I don’t think ill ever wear it. The stand out track is last blues for bloody knuckles. Dude sounds like he is about to write in his online journal and kill himself.

Buried Alive – Death of a Perfect World

Buried Alive – Death of a Perfect World

The first time I saw Buried Alive was with Sick of It All. They were always good live but the intensity of their live show to me was not really captured on record. I don’t know maybe it’s the studio they recorded their record at. When a few of my friends were in Terror, Victory Records wanted another Buried Alive Record cause Scott was still contractually obligated to them. Matt and Todd told me they were just going to do another lp and call it Buried Alive. Luckily it never happened. Well I got this LP in a trade from Colin off HYE. This is on clear vinyl and it is oop. I’m sure some smaller label will eventually rerelease this.

Cro Mags Hard times in an Age of Quarrel double lp

Cro Mags Hard times in an Age of Quarrel double lp

Over 15 years ago my buddy Fat Rich (shark attack parts unknown) flew to China to visit his father who was stationed over there. When he came back he got me a double live cd of the Cro Mags called Hardtimes in an Age of Quarrel. This is basically the vinyl version of this cd. This is one of my favorite cds specially for a live album because its basically the best of the Cro Mags with both Blood clot and Harley. Furn told me they had these for sale at Amoeba so I picked it up. It was actually pretty expensive around 35 bucks and it is a double lp. I know the CD was released by Century Media and I can’t tell if this is a legit release or a bootleg. The track order is also in the wrong order but at least they show it on the record

Knife Fight – Isolated ep Painkiller Records

Knife Fight – Isolated ep Painkiller Records

The first time I saw Knife Fight live was when they were on tour with Mental a few years back. I was a huge fan because the demo is great and they did a Nihilistic cover on it. Also my buddy Matt Smith was in the band as well. Watching them on the east coast is a totally different experience then seeing them in LA. I can’t tell if people just don’t like them in LA or just don’t appreciate the greatness of this band. Well this band latest record is similar to their LP. This is out on Painkiller Records. It comes with a huge fold out lyric sheet poster. In fact I think this is their best recorded material. Westbrook’s voice is really good on this release. Sometimes there is a little effects on it but nothing that’s bad. The music is like motor head meets negative approach. The stand out track is the song Isolated. This didn’t come with a download code but its leaked out everywhere. I think I listened to this at least 10 times today at work. So good!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Touché Amore 2010 box set

Touché Amore 2010 box set
You take all 4 eps that Touche Amore has put out on several labels and put them in a box set that is sold on tour. The cover is silk screened and of course it has a sticker that has to be broken and you got your number one sucker aka me to buy it quickly. Touché Amore is awesome live and the dudes are super cool to boot, it also helps that their singer is a huge record collector and is one of the most sincere dudes in hardcore today. They sold these on their tour with La Dispute and Envy. These are limited and just only 10 of them were sold at each show. I luckily got the last one at the Anaheim show at chain reaction. Considering I don’t like many new bands in hardcore this band shreds live. If you haven’t gotten their lp get them from 6131 records cause it has gone out of print several times.

Minus test press on Flatspot Records

Minus test press on Flatspot Records

Minus has members of Internal Affairs, Downpresser, Pressure plus some other HC kids from the Santa Barbara area. Flat spot just released their ep and sent me their test press of this upcoming release. Flatspot had released the Trapped Under Ice demo as well as the Backtrack demo on vinyl. This is the best Va best hardcore label next to Magic Bullet. Their stuff sells pretty quickly so scoop it up before it goes out of print.

Dag Nasty w/ Shawn Brown

Dag Nasty w/ Shawn Brown

This was already out on cd as well as the box set on selfless records. I think there mustve been at least 10,000 of the box sets pressed cause I still see them all the time. My buddy Nick M bought me this and the three lp for a trade of the first trash talk sweat shirt and an old grey area t shirt. Dischord just release this as an lp and its actually remixed so it sounds allot lighter. Im sure the .00001 percent out there Shawn was the original singer for Dag Nasty. He went on to front bands like Swiz, Sweetbelly Freakdown, Jesus Eater etc.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Black Flag – In My Head

Black Flag – In My Head

At the same local record store near my work I picked up a copy of In My Head. Like the Bad Brains lp it was under 10 bucks and it was in the “rock” section. I need to fill in this little hole in my collection. I actually find this record a lil more listenable then Loose Nut. Its on black and im sure there are more then 20 thousand pressed. SST records never go out of print and I think they are sold super cheap to distributors. I will always like everyone else will always have a fascination with this band.


Bad Brains – Black Dots

Why I never bought this on white when it was released is something I question myself about. This lp is from the same sessions from when their first ep was recorded. I picked this up at a local record store near my work in Pasadena Ca. I was shocked to even find such a store within a block from office. I usually go there during lunch cause I just don’t want to socialize with my new fellow coworkers. I didn’t see Bad Brains on their last tour I was just simply to broke or had seen so many shows within those few weeks. Actually the last few times ive seen them they have been pretty incredible live. I NEED THIS ON WHITE TRADE IT TO ME PLEASE!


Morrissey – live in earl court and Ringleaders lps

I remember seeing this in amoeba when I first moved to la. I didn’t pick it up good thing for the seller I paid allot for it. Me = broke idiot.
The first performance of seeing Morrissey for me in LA was at the Hollywood Bowl. I went with a bunch of people and I even dated a girl from that show for a brief bit. What does this have to do with the record? Absolutely nothing, but that was the best time I have seen Morrissey in LA. These lps were pressed for a limited time and they became out of print actually pretty quick. I don’t think ringleader is one of his better albums but it does have a few ok tracks.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Here's it is, bitches. Another great day at TKO in Fullerton CA. Got that leeway "born to expire" lp for $30 again. Last one I had I traded Scott Macgrath for Over My Dead Body records. Jokes on him cause the copy I traded him was damaged and this new one is not(Sorry, Scott). What Happens Next? tour 7" on CLEAR for $1.99? Hell yeah I got that.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jawbreaker – Bivouac

Jawbreaker – Bivouac

I saw this on the wall at Amoeba for 40, furn told me he had one and just traded me a few records for it. I was pretty stoked. I am sure it will be reissued soon since Unfun was reissued a while back

Three – Dark Days

Three – Dark Days

Dischord has reissued the 3 lp on vinyl once again. I used to own this on cd but sold my entire cd collection to help pay for my dog’s medical bills. This is Jeff Nelsons “rock band” but it’s actually really good, fan of revolution summer take note. If you have a Rain lp trade it to me the last went for over a 100 bucks on ebay.

Morrissey – Every day is like Sunday reissue eps and cd single.

Morrissey – Every day is like Sunday reissue eps and cd single.

Morrissey has reissued one of his most well known songs onto a single again. Everyday is like Sunday is one of his well most known singles that pretty much sound like it could’ve been a Smith’s single. 20 years ago is the anniversary of the Bona Drag and they released a limited single to kick of the collection of singles. I ordered it for 11 pounds from the label. I got 2 eps of the same record which the single and an awesome unreleased b side which I think is on the revelations bootleg lp. One of the eps has a cover and the other one comes in a dust sleeve. It also comes with a cd. The label said it would come with a signed print from Morrissey. Of course mines didn’t and it is listed on the invoice. I emailed the label and of course no response.
Better get this quick cause like most of Morrissey records they go out of print and your stucked paying a ton of $$$ for them

Iron Cross – Skinhead Glory

Iron Cross – Skinhead Glory

I had one of these 10 years ago but traded it away. For some reason this record was just too hard and got really expensive over the years for me to buy it. Here comes another hows your edge trading board plus. Colin Tappe hit me up for a trade for my Kraut “kill for less” ep and The Mad “fried egg” ep. The kraut had no cover. I bought it from Gus Pena aka Gus SXE a few years back. I bought a few records from him thinking they were going to be in awesome condition. I was wrong the cover was just the back piece and the eps were pretty much shredded. I got the Mad ep when I was on tour in Japan with Internal Affairs. I picked this up and quite a few other records over there. I traded these 2 for the Iron Cross and a Buried Alive lp on color. Seriously I am pretty stoked to have this ep again. Now I need to hunt down a green one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


someone trade birth is pain and justice replaced by revenge lps!

grinderman 2

Grinderman 2

Nick Cave is back with another Grinder man album. I actually am not a fan of the first Grinderman record. I don’t even like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I don’t hate them I’m indifferent to them like Husker Du. But surprisingly the Grinder man record is actually really good. My buddy Furn whom works at Amoeba Records recommended it to me. Grinderman lp sounds like it could be the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarentino with a lil harder rock to it. I think Epitaph pressed it on vinyl and cd. But it is on the bands own label. The lp comes with a booklet and a heavy duty black sleeve. The print is foiled stamped as well.

muse resistance box set

Muse Resistance limited box set

Numbered and not too many of these exist. It comes with 2 lps, poster, a cd booklet plus a memory stick. I got this used at Amoeba for 50 bucks, no memory stick I got swindled. Anyways this lp is really awesome and I could care less they are big and in the mainstream. My ex girlfriend Melissa took me to see them last December in Las Vegas and they were really awesome. Not only was the show good but I did well playing roulette. I came up 50 bucks in the hour I got to play before the show.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Helmet – Meantime

I had this record 10 years ago and sold it. So it’s been near impossible for me to get again cheaply. Who comes to my rescue, Marcus from endless quest with a trade? I traded him my reason to believe ep (see earlier entries) on blue for a sealed copy of this record. Like most traders it’s hard to give up certain records that you have gotten attached too. Sometimes it is easier just to buy another copy off of eBay. This is what Marcus did, but much to both of our dismay it was thru a terrible seller. The seller simply did not know how to ship an lp. The idiot sent me the record in a flimsy package so this sealed up helmet lp came bent and the worse part it was warped. (See video) I had to contact Marcus so he had to deal with the hassle of getting a refund and buy another record. This is one of those times where EBay’s lousy policies came thru. The seller refunded the money and I shipped the lp back. Marcus then had to buy another lp off of another seller. I really appreciated that Marcus had to go all through this effort for this reason to believe ep. Thank you again for making this trade.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the week of the extended play

Injustice System split w/ bloodtype
My current favorite band from Florida is Injustice System. I wear their shirt all the time when I go hiking on Runyon Canyon. I ran into Ben Stiller (seriously) and he looked at me and said “great shirt!” I almost wanted to thank Gaylord Falker but I just smiled. Well this is another release on Injustice Systems own label and this time they do a split with bloodtype
More of the same old school sounding hardcore and Injustice System does it perfectly.
I think there are only 300 copies of this split floating around. The artwork is done by Jay Jacoby. Older dudes do not sleep on this band! You will not be disappointed.

Secret People – EP
From the ashes of Right On and Allegiance comes Secret People. For a debut ep it is awesome. This is fast hardcore ala old school punk hardcore. Fans of early punk take notice. I know they have played a few shows in the bay area recently. I hope that someone is smart enough to pick them up or at least book them down here in LA. The music is refreshing and doesn’t follow the current trend of sounding like a NYHC band from the early 90’s.
The bay area has been a breeding ground of great bands recently. The record comes with a download code and is on 2 colors.

Obliteration ep

There is only 100 of these pressed, another band with DFJ and I think Westbrook from knife fight plays on this. Brutality describes this ep. I never heard of them and I got this through the suggestion of the guys that run and I bid 6 bucks on it and won.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit has members of Rival Mob in it. It sounds a bit like Rival Mob meets Straight Ahead. Triple B Records released this and it is another hit on their label for this year. As usual it is on several colors and comes with a download code. It also a split release with Lockin Out records.

The First Step – west coast tour ep /100

Furn got this at Amoeba for a whopping dollar. He traded it to me for Over My Dead Body lps. This is TFS demo pressed onto wax when they were on their first tour on the west coast. I missed these dudes as we always had a good time when I went out with them. I think Klint and I probably annoyed them (GB reunion and Chicago Fest) but they were always easily amused. I know the singer now resides in somewhere in DC. Aaron is living at a temple training to become a monk. Aram runs React Records and resides in the NW. I see Greg Bacon from time to time at various shows and events. The dude just recovered from a massive bloodclot which was caught in time. I asked klint whatever happened to Chris Neils aka DUMP. He said he is playing in the woods with his bongos and smoking weed. I still love that dude hahaha.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today Blacklisted is playing with Ringworm and Acid Tiger in Hollywood at the Roxy for a free Scion show.
Some facts about Blacklisted that I know.

1. Members of the band are or were in Cold World, The Boils, Damage, Paint It Black, Reign Supreme, Nails, Carry On plus
2. When I did Malfunction Records, Linas and I were actually going to put out "Our Youth is Wasted" but due to some issues we didnt. I still regret it to this day.
3. Blacklisted is one of the best live acts in hardcore.
4. Dave Sausage called me and told me the show in LA will be their last. I hope its not true.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


ANTIDOTE -- THOU SHALL NOT KILL. The top pic is my original copy which I bought from Matt Smith almost 10 years ago before he moved to California. The bottom 3 are the represses on bridge 9 records. They look identical to the original even with the xeroxed lyric sheet. It also comes with a download code as well. The cd came out a few years back on Hellbent records. My friends at Parts Unknown were originally going to release it but were screwed over royally.
The reissues look great and I am pretty stoked on the face that B9 records is rereleasing allot of the NYHC classics.