Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is the reissue on Taang. I have the original on Patriot Records. The reissue is actually out of print. My buddy Furn actually held for me and I got it for a measly 5 bucks. Pete Morcey (100 Demons) sang for this and its one of the classic American Oi bands. There are some differences from the original. The back of the reissue has a live picture but other than that there isn’t too much change. I like it when reissues look pretty much like the original. I know for a fact if you want this record Taang sells them for 50 bucks or you can pick up new copies from merch distributor shop shogun.


Detroit’s very own Pitbull on fisticuff records. I had the reissue on initial records and for 1.99 I got the original copy at again amoeba. Great hard core nyhc style from the motor city. I did have a pit-bull t shirt but traded it away recently.


Nothing to Prove. The first time I saw H20 perform was at their second show which was in Philadelphia. They played instead of the Cro Mags (who were in ruins around this time). You have to remember the time period in the mid 90’s. Every band was either mosh metal or they went the way of the road runner acts. H20 was a melodic hardcore band. We got to know the band through our friends who used to do the old Safari Club shows in DC. Allot of my friends either love this band or hate it. I still only like their first lp but this one is pretty good for a bands 5th record. It is better than the last 3 records. I won this lot off of eBay for 25 bucks so now I have all 3 colors. I know bridge 9 has repressed the record since the original pressing had been out of a print for a few months.

Monday, March 21, 2011


There are a small amount of left over limited t shirts sold at the benefit event this weekend DJ'ed by Rob Moran (some girls, unbroken), Daniel Sant (over my dead body, northern town) and dj furn (amoeba).
Design by the monster aka linas garsys printed by arctic ink

AAA brand t shirt

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

rival schools -- pedals

Rival Schools is back with their second lp entitled Pedals. There was an unreleased second lp after United by Fate and it was forgettable. I can see why it was shelved. This lp is actually really catchy and is on more of the melodic tip as United By Fate. I like it way more than his Strokes inspired project Walking Concert. Ring it out is the first track and its super catchy. I hope Rival Schools get its just due because right now a band like them needs to exist in today’s modern music. I can’t tell if I am just getting to old or if music in general is just so awful I cringe when I turn on the radio. They will be playing in LA a week after the Sheer Terror shows so I am pretty excited to see them. The last time I saw Rival School was at the Echo in 2008. Walter was great on stage and was asking if anybody had any extra copies of SLIP on vinyl. They covered the Smith’s cover that Quicksand did a cover of How Soon is Now? The preorder I did came with 3 lps a cd t shirt and a zip up hoodie. I paid 100, bucks it came on time that’s all I care about. Each picture disc is limited to 500 copies and the lp is limited to 2000 copies. I am going to see if I can get the band to autograph the cd when they play in town. Also as a bonus came a silk screen poster that is autographed by the entire band. Pretty cool. Does anyone know if any Distributor in the us is going to get the walking concert lp on vinyl?

13 new well old eps!

Ok I just got a slew of records from a person who selling stuff off of the live wire board. It ranges from as it stands to eye for an eye to groove to the living on the edge comp. each one around 3 to 4 bucks. Allot of it some might consider junk but I personally think they are some of the lost bands from the 90’s. When the Groove eps came out allot of my friends were huge fans. To this day my friend Martin in Argentina and I still talk about how great this record is. Allot of this stuff was really ahead of its time. The as it stands ep is still to me one of the hardest eps ever and the lyrics were always over the top. This band blows most of the stuff that is out today. The singer of As it stands is also the same singer from the va Group Mayday. Yep the band that did the split with Integrity and completely annihilated them. Also in the stack of records was Channel (Nate from converge / Jesuit / doom riders) second ep. I still like their live demo and first 7 inch more but its is interesting that a band was actually trying to progress. The first Channel ep was on Jamie hate breed’s label Stillborn.
Another ep was Point Of View a band who must’ve opened up every mouthpiece show in jersey and in philly. My buddy and pro skateboarder Vern Laird was their second singer. He didn’t sing on there ep but he did do a demo which I am still on the hunt for. Great ep.
Also in the pile was the Awake ep which smorgasbord just released the discography out on ITunes now. To round it up was some west coast bands game face and point blank.

DANZIG 777 I Luciferi

Danzig 777 came out almost 10 years ago. I remember when this album was released cause it was the same time Samhain started their reunion tour with Danzig. Danzig did do an autograph session at the local Tower records in Washington DC. Well someone brought in a Misfits bootleg to have him sign it and in true Danzig fashion he flipped the table over and proceeded to choke the guy out. After security escorted the assailant away, the autograph session started to continue again. I had the new Danzig CD and a few original Misfits records for him to sign. I thought he was going to break the lps in half but he was super cool about it. In fact he let me walk out with the Tower Billboard the store made for the autograph session. It is still at my parents house in Virginia. Well I picked this lp up at amoeba in Hollywood for 60 bucks. I know its steep but I never seen it before and it is limited to 500 copies. Pretty cool, it comes with screened artwork and the pocket sleeve is hand numbered.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hatred Surge

Here is another ep I got from Painkiller records. This is the Hatred Surge ep. I shot then a few months back and thought they were better live then recorded.


I picked up the latest Failure's ep when I did an order with Painkiller Records a few weeks back. Great pocket fold packaging and it comes with a lyric sheet. Its super short and I still need to pick up the LP. I missed them for some reason they played out here a few months back. I think it was around the same time Integrity played in southern California.

Vegas -- never to wake!

Vegas has a new record (reissue but new to me) on HellFish Records. Yes it is another Holy Terror type band, just like Rot in Hell its actually pretty good. Brutal and heavy. Hellfish did an awesome job on the packaging and my camera shots doesnt do it justice. Side A is the actual ep and Side B is a live recording which is awful compared to side A. I only caught them once live when they played with Integrity a few months back. I heard they played in the area last week with Dwid's Psywarfare but I couldnt make it out. Limited to only 300 measly copies better pick this up quick.

Disengage -- Looking Back EP

You take members of Title Fight and Cold World and do a simple hardcore band and its called Disengage. The band is much better live then this recording. In fact the recording doesnt do them justice. They were so good live and are another hit from Wilkes Barre. I dunno how many of these are pressed but I doubt its nothing over a 1000.
Here is the footage I shot of them when they were on the west coast with Free Spirt.