Saturday, August 6, 2011

sound and fury

I only went to day 1 on Friday with Bitter End. I have no desire to be at fests for more than a day. I did this at the last 4 s and f. I am usually there to see either some friends from the east coast or to see what left of the Malfunction Roster. This year Ceremony and Bitter End both played and destroyed it on Friday. I also enjoyed Soul Search and Down presser’s set. I didn’t tape too many bands due to the fact that every jackass from southern California is on stage. It didn’t help that there were also 12 photographers standing around on the side and taking up space. It’s funny you would think there were 1000 of pics floating around but so far I’ve only seen stuff from Fred Hammer and Dan Rawe. I mean it’s cool you want to be on stage with your friends but what was the point of the all access pass if anyone with a raiders jersey can just stand there. It’s like we get it you’re friends with all of the bands that are playing. I was watching some of the footage I got and noticed the same big ape on the side of the stage with his jaw gaping open. One of my friends asked me to film them but I couldn’t even get on stage because again, the same 40 kids were on stage for every band.
Ok here is what I picked up. I picked up a ceremony record of their second ep with a limited sound and fury cover. Nothing fancy but I did want to add it to my collection.
I also picked up Soul Search new ep on Triple BBB records with the limited Outburst tribute cover. I also got a t shirt with the same picture.
I also picked up well took a copy of the first Bitter End records Mind in Chains on orange vinyl. We had given Death wish the extra covers keep in mind with all the colors of the covers they actually cost more than the actual vinyl and recording. This was the first record I put out when I moved to southern California.
I also picked up a remission ep on react records, they sound like Verbal Assault.
I think next year we are going to resurrect Summer Slam and I’m going to bring out Time Flies and Count Me Out to do a final west coast show for Indecision. ;)


  1. Tru,

    Did your Soul Search 7" come with any liner notes or down load card?


  2. Thanks buddy! Hey, I just started a record blog today. Check it out and let me know what you think..if you want that is.

  3. where is the link it cant be worst than this one