Tuesday, March 30, 2010


MURPHY'S LAW -- BACK WITH A BONG. An essential record to have in your NYHC collection, this record has all the classics. Personally my favorites are Cavity Creeps, Quest for Herb, and American Rules.
I traded a copy of mine away a few years ago and i picked up this near mint copy from TKO for 19.99. Ive only seen this on clear, do these exist on black vinyl?

Sunday, March 28, 2010


As I am trying to get through this movie called "Whip It" starring Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, it has the worst soundtrack ever. The movie is about roller derby and has some of the worst bands in it. Uggggg! MGMT, The Breeders and Stryper??? I mean cmon! If its about a bunch of broads battling each other, what would be a better sound track then Master of Puppets!
This in my opinion, is Metallica's best album. From the opening chords of Battery this album shreds! Unfortunately this band has been around longer BAD then good. This is on music for the nations (euro label) and is on pink vinyl. I got it in a trade from my good buddy Daniel in Va. The only 2 time I have seen this band was on the tour with Guns N Roses and Faith No More and on one of the Lollapolloza's with Wu Tang Clan. Too bad their last 5 albums have all sucked dick like this movie. -- TP


JAWBREAKER -- UNFUN REISSUE ON GREEN VINYL. Ok last time i saw Jawbreaker perform was with my good friend Laura in Philly in 1994 or 95. This is the new reissue on Blackball Records and it is on green vinyl. I know the regular pressing for hot topics is on clear. Great record that has been out of print for years. It comes with a download code lyric sheet etc. It looks great top notch all the way. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on ebay get this repress now before it goes out of print again
Ok the problem I have is with Midheaven Mailorder. (they were the ones who were doing the preorders for this record). They had advertised they had 24 hour revenge therapy on vinyl. So I ordered ETC, UNFUN, and 24 hour revenge therapy. I ordered a copy of 24 hour revenge therapy for 10 bucks, but they ran out and refunded me only 5.98. So where is the other 4 bucks? Yes I know its 4 bucks but its false advertising and I know I'm not the only person this has happened to. Naughty naughty Midheaven. You can suck it.
-- TP

NOTE: I added new pics with both colors. I love this album but 24 hr. still holds a place in my heart.
- Marlon


NEW FOUND GLORY. This collection was sold for a friend of mine that need to pay his medical bills. Whether you like them or not New Found Glory has a huge following and people love to spend allot on their records. I own 2 NFG records, because 1. Chad is sxe, a cool dude and loves the core and UFC. 2. New Found Glory records are 5 bucks now at hot topics.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


THE PROMISE -- BELIEVER & WOOL -- BOX SET LPS. I just picked up these 2 lps. I got the Promise lp in a trade with Marlon. It is on red vinyl and is on Deathwish inc. This record has been out of print for a few years. Members of another victim, terror and conviction. The cd was put out by Indecision Records. This band ruled live and I kick myself for not going to their final show a few years ago, hopefully they do a reunion.

Wool -- Box set -- I picked up this lp at Amoeba for 3.99. Members of SCREAM and Goatsnake. More of a 90's stoner rock feel but still pretty good. Also there was a mini poster and a small 7" in the 12" package. I was playing this when I destroyed Marlon in a game of NBA JAM 2010. It was quite the upset, but the next day he shreaded me by 20 points.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Went to radiation records in fullerton today with Joseph and found a bunch of records for $1-$2. I mean they have like 6 boxes full of records with that price, I know I forgot some. Radiation records is literally 90% vinyl and they have a huge section of used vinyl for cheap, def check this place out.


I love this band, they remind me of American Nightmare but a little more punker. I know this is not a complete collection, I'm missing the the ink & dagger cover for "our design" ltd. to 20-25, a lite pink color ltd. to 125, some other weird color for "holiday" and of course both TEST PRESSES. I almost won one on ebay but it went for too much than my friend put one up but he did it when I had no freaking money, good idea Steven. I've come to accept the fact I may never own one. I'm also pissed off these dudes never played on the west coast, singer lives here now so we can only hope for a reunion.


Zack De La Rocha in full effect on guitar on this one. Amazing sxe HC band from OC that only released 2 7"s. This is the first one that later got repressed by conversation records. I don't know if this is a complete collection(minus the test presses, of course), its just what I have for now.

SUNN 0))) - Domkirke on red vinyl

SUNN 0))) - Domkirke. My girlfriend has been buying these from the local hot topics for $4.99. I have been flipping them for her for about 40 bucks a piece on ebay. When I was in this Doom / Black metal phase, I saw this band a few years ago in downtown la with Garth, Natalie and Edgar and literally was bored to death. Sunn o))) sound like a vacuum inside an 747 airplane. It was just 2 dudes (one guy from brotherhood) playing guitars that just went "BONG! BOOONGGG! BOOOONNGGG! I was thinking these guys have a pretty good scam going on or maybe I am just getting old and falling rapidly out of touch.
At one point I had a huge Sunn o))) black metal collection, but I pretty much flipped it on ebay for my bulldog's health bills. Black metal and doom vinyl = $$$. Hit me up if you have the new Burzum on white vinyl I want it. Btw Cnotes and I will be @ the avalon with IMMORTAL next week in corpse paint -- TP


JARVIS COCKER -- FURTHER COMPLICATIONS. Former Pulp frontman with his second solo record. Jarvis Cocker is a great singer and this record can do no wrong. I actually enjoyed this more than Morrissey's last 2 albums. That is saying alot. This is the usual double lp 180 gram vinyl gatefold cover. You can pick this up anywhere, I picked this up @ Amoeba along with PULP "this is hardcore" reissues. Oh yeah if you havent heard PULP is getting back together to perform some shows.


This past weekend I was @ Vacation Vinyl in Silverlake and was skimming thru some book that had different versions and various pressings of records. The book had rare pressings of Beatles and Hendrix records, and as I was flipping the pages low and behold it had The Hope Conspiracy "Death Knows Your Name" vinyl. Needless to say I was pretty stoked. The Hope Conspiracy vinyl was one of our quickest selling records. We sold out of the initial pressing of 1500 copies in a few weeks. Unfortunately I didnt buy the book or catch the name of it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Wow, can't believe I have these many copies of this 7". Two are signed by linas, the artist for the cover, and one on clear/purple is cracked(anyone with a copy, please sale/trade me it). Total bummer.


Awesome band from CT, too bad they broke up already. Still waiting for their second 7" from Youngblood which seems to be taking forever.