Thursday, May 27, 2010


HENRY AND GLEN FOREVER COMIC BOOK. My friend Kimmie picked these up for us and its pretty funny. Its just drawings of Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins living with each other. For 4 bucks its pretty amusing and its already sold out. I'm sure you can order it somewhere online. We picked these up at Secret Headquarters in Silver lake. They have pieces of orginal artwork from the comic at secret headquaters for sale for 50 bucks but they are sold out. I dont think ill bring this to any Glen Danzig comic book signings anytime soon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trap Them -- Filth Rations

Trap Them -- Filth Rations on Southern Lord. The first time I saw Trap Them play live was with Narrows a few years ago. They were great live and I picked up the lp and their split on Deathwish Inc. Their new record just dropped on Southern Lord Records and it is brutal. Fast, hard and technical. Its pretty awesome and another hit for Southern Lord. The record is only a one sided lp with an etching on the back. I can't remember who, but someone told me the artwork looks like the Shark Attack blood in the water ep drawing. ha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


BLACK BREATH -- HEAVY BREATHING. Straight from the northwest you take members of Go It Alone, add some rock and doom elements in it, throw in a lil St Vitus and you get Black Breath. Heavy Breathing is out now on Southern Lord Records. The same label that brought you Sunn 0))), Xasthur and Boris. This is really good. In fact I can safely say this one of the better records to come out on that label. This is on blue vinyl and I think it might be sold out. I recorded a few of their shows, check out my you tube or past entries. I saw them on the Converge Tour and they tore it up at the 2 shows I saw them at.


SAMHAIN -- UNHOLY PASSION. I picked up this lp for 25 bucks @ a local store in Sherman Oaks which is about 2 miles down from studio city at a place called FreakBeats. I have been on the hunt for this record for a few years. I could not pay the prices this record was going for on eBay, at one point it was as high as 300 bucks. I love Samhain as well as Danzig albums 1 thru 5. That right I said 5. Sacrifice is a great song! This is the first press and for 25 bucks its a steal. There are some light scuffs but the cover is in very good shape. There is no poster insert but screw it. Marlon picked up the Seaweed LP on sub pop color sealed for 15 bucks. Mom and Pop record stores seemed to overcharge on "punk" records so I am surprised this wasn't on the wall for 200 bucks.

Monday, May 24, 2010


HALF OFF -- THE TRUTH (TEST PRESS). I first heard about Half Off when Resurrection covered their song "on your own" on some comp in the 90's. I also now know that Youth Of Today's Disengage ep is about them. Apparently there was allot of beef with both bands. Billy Rubin ran New beginning records, he also sang for Half Off. New Beginning Records put out some of the best hardcore eps, Crippled Youth, Underdog, etc.
I was at a Converge show last Monday in downtown LA. I wasn't for sure if the guys from Black Breath or Touche Amore were selling their records. I skimmed thru their small tiny collection at the merch area and immediately came upon this. I looked at it and I asked how much did they want for it, the roadie wanted 25 bucks. I took off to the ATM and came back and was super stoked.
I told my friend Dan about it. He said it was a good find but he was never too into them. He told me the drummer was a fucking prick and used to pick on him and start drama with him for no reason.
Either way I am still stoked to have this and the LP on red.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Raymond Pettibone limited edition print signed by Keith Morris

The day after the Circle Jerks show, Keith Morris's new band Off was playing a show in downtown LA. My friend Andrew Black was in town and asked me to meet him there. His new band on Dischord was playing the Echo later that night.
We went down there and Ray Pettibone was also having an art gallery showcase with Off playing. The place was fucking packed and it mustve been 200 degree inside. Off sounded awesome but I couldn't even see any of it. A ton of people were there and Ray Pettibone had limited edition prints of the show. I personally have no idea what Ray looks like. He had a ton of his artwork on display ranging from Black Flag, Sonic Youth to his present day stuff. It was really cool. He had prints for sale and I picked one up. I tried to find him and a few of my friends were looking, unfortunately I couldn't find him. I ran into Keith Morris and asked him if he knew where Ray Pettibone was? Keith mustve been 1. Deaf 2. stoned out of his mind 3. confused. He looks at me and grabs me on the shoulder, takes the poster and fucking signs it ha! He then handed it back to me and I was dumbfounded. (of course everyone of my friends laughed) So that big scribble on the side of it is actually Keith's signature......OOOF

Thursday, May 20, 2010

howard stern beth o book signing

I have been the biggest Howard Stern fan since 1990. My friend Roger in high school got me into him. I have been listening to him and his cast for almost 20 years. In fact these last 4 years on Sirius Satellite Radio have been incredible.
Marlon, Mark A, Jeremy, Cori and Masick and I will go to every function that is Howard Stern related. I think 75 percent of my friends love Howard. He has a huge presence in the hardcore scene. Next time you see Converge scream out "Release The Poison" .
Beth O (Howard Stern's wife) was doing a book signing at the Beverly Hills library, so Marlon and I had to go. I bought her new book and had her sign it. In fact I got a picture with her and Johnny Fratto. I brought my Howard Stern LP and had her signed the inner sleeve. She was really surprised and said she had never seen it before.
The book signing was cool and all the proceeds go to benefit the north shore animal fund. She also personalized the book for my bullie Chainsaw.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ceremony Sick EP

Ceremony Sick EP record release. I picked this up when Ceremony played their 392 show 2 weeks ago. These were limited to 99 and is only 2 songs. This is just a taste to their upcoming 3rd lp on Bridge 9 records. Ceremony has to be one of my favorite California bands. The first time I saw them live was at the final posi fest in wilkes barre pa in 2005. They traveled all the way from San Francisco to play one show on the east coast. Now thats dedication.


CHARLES MANSON EP ON HOLY TERROR RECORDS. I just got my preorder in the mail today. OK I get it he is in prison for life and of course he is not going to have state of the art equipment to record his songs. But this thing is utter garbage. Anybody who says they like this is fooling themselves. I'm a bit disappointed in this.

Sunday, May 16, 2010



THE FIRST STEP -- CONNECTION "CREW" EP ON REACT RECORDS. These were given to the first 75 people who attended the React Showcase a few months back. It is the Connection ep that was pressed on Rivalry records but instead it has React Labels and it is on red vinyl.

I actually got this in a trade with Brad. Brad runs So Cal cassette tape label True Violence on Tapes.
Make sure to check them out


INJUSTICE SYSTEM -- SPOKEN WORD. Injustice system is a great band from Florida. They have an 80's fast sounding punk hardcore influence. It is sort of refreshing to hear a band play earlier 80's hardcore as oppose to the over saturated 90's NYHC sound. Don't get me wrong, I love NYHC more than anybody.
Also its been a while since a fast sounding band has come from the state of Florida. To me Florida is one of those states for some reason never got their dues. It seemed like it had just as an important scene as southern California or even the Midwest.
A couple of my friends were disappointed that there was no mention of their scene at all in the Burning Fight Book.
No Reprieve Records put this out and in addition of the 7'' they were also selling shirts for 5 bucks. That's cheap! So I picked up both designs. The record also came with a download code. The artwork was also done by Jay Jacoby. (great dude). I cant wait to hear more from this band and I hope they make it out to California soon.

Friday, May 14, 2010


ROLLINS BANDS -- WEIGHT. This is the last Rollins Band record that I actually enjoy. I saw this at Amoeba for 11 bucks and picked it up. It is on clear vinyl and the labels look like weights. I personally think end of silence is still their best record. Remember the song Liar.

The first time I saw the Rollins Band was in Lake Fairfax at the first ever Lollapalooza in 1991. They were the first band that played on the main stage. They played right before Ice T and Body Count. I watched their entire set. It was 100 degrees and the weather was humid. I also came to the realization that I hate fests, specially outdoors ones.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Mindfunk was a band in the early 90's that was fronted by Unity / Uniform Choice's very own Pat Dubar. What I used to remember about this band was that if you bought the cd @ tower records, you would get a free tshirt. I picked this up at the Ameoba Garage Sale for a buck. For some reason I feel ripped off. This record is actually better then the Junkyard lp but that is not saying much. I cant tell if the band is metal / grunge or just plain bad garage rock. Looking at the back cover sort of reminds me that I want to pick up a pair of 3 hole oxbloods docs. Well if you have an xl mindfunk t shirt for some weird reason I want it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


NYHC WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Marlon traded me this on gold (Blackout Records)plus the recent repress test press on Noiseville.Probably one of the most essential records to have in your collection. The beginning of the record begins with Outburst's "The Hardway" and it is one of the greatest hardcore anthems of all time. You also get Maximum Penalty, Raw Deal, Breakdown, Sheer Terror, Gorilla Biscuits, Lifes Blood, Uppercut and NBSH.
When I play this record and it reminds me of simpler times. When everyone was listening to metal and the oversaturated "grunge bands" from Seattle, my friends and I were blasting this on cassette. I still put this as one of my top 5 hardcore of all time.

The last few weeks allot of my friends have been going through some serious rough times. Jobs, accidents, money, relationships, deaths etc. This post is dedicated to them and all the hardtimes they are going through.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I ran into Ian Mackaye on Melrose.

2 weeks ago I started going back to Runyon Canyon. Its an awesome place to work out at and there are about a million hot girls who go hiking there. I went with 2 of my good friends Kimmie and Looker. After the work out they wanted to go to Scoops near melrose. As soon as we sat down, I see a person walking up with his kid and wife and it was Ian Mackaye. I was super stoked . We even chatted a lil bit. I told him I was from the DC area and we talked about stuff going on back home. I told him I saw his spoken word at Hollywood High and he told me The Evens will be performing there in the summer. I geeked out and actually had a Minor Threat CD in my SUV. He was super cool about signing it. We did take a picture but we both look pretty lousy. So I put a pic of Looker and Kimmie hanging out @ M cafe instead.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


7 SECONDS -- SOULFORCE REVOLUTION AND OURSELVES. Ok some people actually allot of people hate both of these records but there are some hidden gems on each of these records. Satyagraha is a great song and the first track on soulforce revolution. I picked up both of these records for 7 bucks at Rockaway Records in Silverlake. A great but hidden store which is more in the vein of rock as oppose to punk. I also found it unique on the sticker of Ourselves that it says rocking and walking on the straight edge. So weird.
7 Seconds played this past weekend with Ceremony, Municipal Waste and Circle Jerks. They were great as usual. I was pretty stoked that I got a pic taken with Kevin Seconds by my friend Dan Rawe. Kevin even complimented me on my Quicksand t shirt.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

jawbreaker -- 24 hour revenge therapy

jawbreaker -- 24 hour revenge therapy. This is actually my favorite Jawbreaker record. I saw there is a "may 4" event on facebook (dear you reference) that allot of my
friends are attending via on the web. The last time I saw Jawbreaker perform was in Philly in 1994 on the Dear You tour @ the trocadero.
The last time I saw Blake perform was actually a year or so ago when he was here with Thorns of Life in Eagle Rock. Now this where I insert my "sluttering May 4th" story. I remember walking through the door of the event (we were the first ones at the door actually) and my ex crack head of a girl friend fainted. My friend Todd T who was running the door, came over to she if she was ok. Little did I know she was oding on xanax. You see she told every one she was sxe . I found a few months later thru a detailed PUBLIC online journal she never was, weird. The girl has "daddy Issues", you know the ones that are covered in tattoos, self loathing, techno loving, eating disorder (kissing her was like kissing a public toilet, yuck...), jealous of their siblings, pathological liar, and attends burning man. Burning man,HAHAHA.... who attends this except fucking hippies and people who use DRUGS! I took her outside where she was puking her guts up and drove her home. She told me she was sick and wasnt feeling well and actually made me feel bad for her overdose.
Luckily I made in back in time to catch Thorns of Life's only LA show on tour. They played 2 shows in Long Beach the next night. They were great and now have broken up. Blake is a new band called The Forgetters. Hopefully they tour around here soon. Check them out @

Monday, May 3, 2010



JUNKYARD -- S/T. Junkyard was a bad rock band formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, with members formerly in Big Boys, Minor Threat, The Necros, and Dag Nasty. I guess in all of the heavy metal madness of the 80's, major labels were signing anybody that had long hair and ballads. I picked up this record along with the Mindfunk lp (Pat Dubar's attempt @ grunge) because 1. I needed a good laugh or 2. I wanted to punish my ears. Even after all these years this record still sounds like dog shit. Looking at the back pics of Brian Baker trying to have "metal" hair is still mind boggling to me. This is probably the only time you will ever see members of Minor Threat and Dag Nasty being thanked in a glam metal album. In wikipedia it says they are still playing shows? HA! -- TP