Tuesday, November 30, 2010

siouxsie and the banshees

The first time I heard Siouxsie and the Banshees was on 99.1 WHFS. That was DC college radio for alternative music. I also saw a few of her videos on 120 Minutes on MTV with Dave Kendall. The first time I saw her live was in eleventh grade at the first Lollapallooza with Janes Addiction, Pearl Jam, NIN, Rollins and Temple of the Dog @ Lake Fairfax in VA. As you can see I am bit of a fan. There is a record store in the valley called CD exchange and they have a huge vinyl selection. Marlon picked up Soundgarden Super Unknown on blue for 35 bucks. I picked up a Banshees record for 4 dollars to add to my collection. The record is Tinderbox. The best tracks on this lp are Candyman and Cities in Dust. I actually have met Siouxsie and her husband Budgie a few times and had them autographed a few of the lps and eps. Each time I have met her she has always been super friendly and really nice. She will answer any question and will sign everything. I also picked up a limited Slayer ep and New Order Blue monday single for 2 bucks.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

integrity those who fear tomorrow on ocr records

taken from http://www.aversionline.com/blahg/2010/10/06/integrity-those-who-fear-tomorrow-lp/

"Those Who Fear Tomorrow" was Integrity's first full-length record, and this particular issue is the latest in Organized Crime Records' series of impressive vinyl reissues. Originally released by Overkill Records in 1991, "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" has since been re-released by so many different labels, on so many different formats, under so many different titles, and with so many different combinations of bonus songs that it's hard to keep track of them all at this point. This particular treatment sticks to the core album's 15 tracks and includes the original Francis Bacon cover art (with the perhaps more widely known Bosch cover art on an inside panel), lyrics, and some subtle gloss overlay printing. And, in keeping with the plans for this entire series, there's a special edition that features a reinterpreted cover created by Stephen Kasner – printed in metallic silver ink on a matte black sleeve.

"Those Who Fear Tomorrow" technically predates the birth of the "holy terror" term with regard to Integrity's brand of apocalyptic metallic hardcore, but that doesn't make the album any less appropriate under said banner. While not my personal favorite piece of work from Integrity's flawless back catalog featuring the core lineup of Dwid and the Melnick brothers, I would still argue that "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" is the single most important "metalcore" recording of all time (and remember – that's "metalcore" before it became such a dirty word, folks – this is 1991 we're talking about here). The sheer intensity and innovation of the music; the insanely blunt, borderline poetic apocalyptic fury and rage of the lyrics (not to mention Dwid's stellar and absolutely inimitable vocal delivery); and just the fucking power of the atmospheres… No other band has ever matched the force of Integrity in their prime, nor has any other band been able to effectively imitate the unique attack that Integrity created for themselves.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

warzone wednesday!

more warzone less waka -- buske


Monday, November 22, 2010

XO Skeletons – Bored By Death lp

XO Skeletons – Bored By Death lp

This is my second favorite band that Wes Eisold has done; obviously American Nightmare is the first. These lps were available at their only west coast show in San Francisco. I can’t believe I didn’t go to it. I blame the fact that the thing aka beast I was living with told me not to go because they will play in Los Angeles. Guess what they never played. Heartworm made these available thru mail-order with a first and a second pressing. Each pressing is limited to 100 copies. Deathwish Inc still has their first ep available for a buck. Lavicious Facts is my personal favorite track. The first press of the record is the white cover and it comes with a ripped up page from the bible with an xo stamped on it. The second press comes with a xerox add that is numbered and it says second press.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

danzig deth red sabaoth


The last time I saw Danzig perform was last year with Suicidal Tendencies, Pennywise and TSOL for 10 bucks at the Long Beach Arena. As soon as I walked in, someone dumped a beer on me from the balcony. As you can figure it was a typical “BRO” crowd. A bro is someone who lives on the outskirts of LA, usually wears puffy skate shoes, flat brim hat, dickie shorts and socks pulled up to their knees. They usually have allot of tattoos and face piercings, I would say on the social scale they are below a juggalo but a lil bit higher above a Goth. Danzig was great that night played allot of hits from the first 4 albums and some stuff off the later ones. I have never seen Danzig play anything off of the fifth album. His new album isn’t horrible like the last few its actually comparable more to 4 then anything else. I picked up the lp @ Vacation Vinyl in Silver lake. Great store that is run by some of the dudes from Hydra Head. The guy who runs the store is really cool and sometimes they host shows there. I have seen Nails and Black Breath perform there. If you like metal, hc and punk make sure to go their. If you're a Hydra Head collector you’re going to be in heaven because they have allot of it there on the walls. Now back to the Danzig record is my only complaint is that the record isn’t on color and there isn’t any lyric sheet. I don’t know if the cd has lyrics but if im going to pay 10 bucks more for the vinyl version at least try to make it worth it. I suggest buying this record because it’s ok to listen to and like all of his past records it will go out of print.

Monday, November 15, 2010


WOOL -- BUD SPAWN -- You take members of Scream, Goatsnake and Government Issue and do a post rock band and you get wool. I picked up this blue vinyl from vacation vinyl in silverlake. Much to my surprise it has been autographed by every band member. Not a bad record and I got it for 8 bucks. A pretty good score in my opinion.

Walter Schreifels -- An open letter to the scene

Walter Schreifels -- An open letter to the scene. I just picked this up from Fight Academy Records. The black version is limited to 100 copies. Its Walter playing some originals and covers. My favorite is the cover of Agnostic Front "Society Suckers". I think this LP is has a small pressing run of 500 copies. Knowing his fan base these things will sell out soon.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

picked up some records @ AMOEBA hollywood.

Vision – In the blink of an eye

I found this LP on black for 10 dollars at Amoeba last night. This is the original pressing on Nemesis Records. I have this on color as well as the repress that came out a few years ago. So why not buy the black version. I don’t think band has ever really caught on outside the garden state area. I ve seen them perform a few times in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. They always put on a good live show, tons of energy and plenty of sing along. I wish they would make it out to the west coast but I can’t ever see that happening anytime soon. My favorite track on the LP is again and again.

Texas is the Reason / the promise ring split on jade tree. I can still listen to both of these bands and not get bored. The last time I saw the promise ring perform was at the old black cat in DC with Jets to Brazil. I like them till their final major length came out and I was just disappointed with it. I heard it’s actually really good so I might need to find the download and give it another listen. I’ve seen Texas is the reason a few times. I actually was with my friend Kurt in NYC a few years back and we had tickets to go see Conan O Brian @ the NBC studios. As we were being seated I noticed that Norm Arena (guitarist of texas is the reason, shelter resurrection) was actually sitting next to us. Of course Kurt and asked him what happened to the band and he just let out a groan and was like things just didn’t work out between us. I ve met him a few times years before when he used to sell his anti matter fanzine at shows.

Canon ep on Chapter Records.

Here is some chugga chugga musc from the mid 90’s that I picked up for 50 cents. Yep still sounds as bad as it did when it came out.

Half off – shoot guns eat pussy on grey vinyl. I used to have this on red vinyl but must’ve traded this or sold it. So I picked it up again for 5 bucks. I have no idea what the pressing info is but I am a huge fan of this band. Their LP is so much better. I know this ep was more of the direction of what his later band was (haywire) but you have to give this band credit. Billy Rubin put out some incredible records and he was a great contributor to the west coast scene. I still own both the underdog and crippled youth eps.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cruel Hand – Lock and Key

Cruel Hand – Lock and Key lp

This is Cruel Hands 3rd lp and it is their best. I thought prying eyes was great but the recording on the lp smokes it. For the preorder bridge 9 also included a print of the album cover. This and the Bitter End and Ceremony are some of the best hardcore lps to come out this year. I know the vinyl is out on 3 colors I got it on white and I have no idea what the pressing info is.


Black Out

Black Out was a post Bl’ast band. Indecision Records still have these on color so I picked this up when I ordered the Unbroken reissues and Mandel has some of his labels back stock up again. Some stuff still on color. Fans of blast will appreciate this. This is a lil more rockish then b'last.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Warning -- Suffer Survive Test Press

No Warning – Suffer Survive

No Warning – Suffer Survive test press. The perks of running a record label are trading test presses with other labels. I am sure pretty much only record nerds start up hardcore labels. Well I traded Ceremony’s Violence Violence test press for this record.
The fact this record never got pressed on vinyl makes this test press one of the rarest Bridge 9 releases out there. In fact its impossible to find Ill Blood on vinyl. I think they are only 12 copies of this test pressing in existence. Suffer Survive is an incredible record and unfortunately was just way to ahead of its time. Now every band sounds like this. If you never caught No Warning live they were pretty awesome. The best times I have seen them was at the Back to school jam with Slapshot and Stars N Stripes and at Posi Fest.
If you have a Blood n shit and the warehouse edition of Ill Blood, trade them to me asap!


Soul Search and On Point test presses on Hardpress Records and Thickskin Records

Soul Search and On Point test presses on Hardpress Records and ThickSkin records.

Soul Search and On Point are 2 of southern California upcoming bands. Soul Search play more of a NYHC sound while On Point might be California’s last remaining youth crew band. Hard Press released last years MourningSide AD ep. A bunch of new comers are coming into the scene so scoop these up when they are released you will not be disappointed.