Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I pre ordered these a bit late from the time they went up, like a month late. I ordered from react! first and then from youngblood at the same time, the only problem was youngblood was out of the white vinyl and only had black. I ordered the black and just ask Aram if there was any way I could get a white vinyl from him. I told him I could pay more if he wanted but he said "don't worry, just place an order for 2 lp's". I placed my orders and played the waiting game. I got my order from react! and got a red and white copy, now all I needed was a black vinyl from youngblood. Turns out youngblood took fooorrreeeevvverrr to ship my order, like 4-5 months. In a way to say sorry Sean sent me a copy on white vinyl(which I already had) and some carry on "the line is draw" center labels. I eventually got the black vinyl at react! thus completing that collection minus test press. Well at least I made onto the front cover.


So I'm finally getting to post about this amazing trip to the almighty Gilman st. in Berkley, Ca for REACT! SHOWCASE. Let me just start off by saying I wasn't going to go because all my douchebag so-called friends bailed on me at the very last minute, literally last minute like Thursday(first show was on a Friday). All this after those fuckers made me book a room which I couldn't get a refund since it was a special deal. After freaking out for a while I made some calls to other friends that were going and after talking to one of them and convincing them to stay with me at the room I had a spot set for me. The only thing was they were leaving that Thursday at midnight so I said "fuck it" and got my shit ready. We ended up leaving at 2am and got into San Fran around 8am or so. We then went to check in at the hotel knowing it was bit to early to check in but again we said "fuck it" and still went. After resting for while we got organized and went straight to amoeba were I fucked up and spent $70 on records(I didn't post a pic of said records only because I mixed them up with others I just don't remember which are which now, sorry!). The first thing I bought at the showcase was this amazing box set of 5 react! releases. I am a true react! supporter believe it or not. I have never bought doubles only to flip them on ebay the next day and today was no different. The only doubles I got during this showcase was a GET THE MOST record release and PRAISE 7" react! color for my friend Tru. I have to add that I missed PRAISE because my fat ass decided to go to chipotle thinking I was gonna have enough time to eat and then go see them. Well not even 10 minute for the time we left to the time we got our food I texted a friend to tell me when PRAISE went on and the reply I got was "dude, they already played 4 songs". I just stayed and continued eating. Down below are some if not all the stuff I got at the showcase:

Day 2 was a treat for the first 70 people in line. We had 2 options that day, either go to lusty lady theater in San Fran or stay in Berkley and be one of the lucky 70 peeps, guess what I chose? We than chilled and went to amoeba in Berkley and again spent $40 there and around $20 at rasputin.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


BLACK FLAG -- DAMAGED. I have been on a Black Flag posting spree recently. Here are 2 versions of the Damaged Records. One is the Unicorn Pressing and the other is the normal SST press. I picked up the Unicorn Version a few years back in Baltimore @ Reptilian Records. The SST version is signed by both Henry Rollins and Dez Cadena. Dez was with the new version of the Misfits and was doing a record signing. He wasnt too thrilled when he saw Henry's name. He was like "um where is the misfits cd you were suppose to buy?" he then picked up the lp and was like "oh great, Uncle Henry has already signed this..." whatevers...
At least he put the 4 bars underneath his signature.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black Flag -- Loose Nut autographed

Black Flag -- Loose Nut. I picked this record up at a great record store in Fairfax Va called Record Convergence in the early 90's for a whopping 3 bucks. Its on blue vinyl and thus not their best record, but im glad I still own it.
Henry Rollins was doing a book signing @ a Tower Records in Maryland for Get In the Van. There was a whopping 4 people who attended. One was my good buddy Nathan. I brought my Black Flag and Rollins bands records to get signed as well as my Fuck You heroes book. I had Henry signed all 4 lps and the books. I think Nathan had an SOA record to get signed. Rollins was actually stoked to sign loose nut, he told me the latter stuff was his favorite that the band did. He also told me he has never received one penny from any of the sales off the Black Flag back catalog or merch. The dude was totally cool about signing stuff and didnt once put it down or talk bad about his past bands. Ive seen the Rollins band perform a few times, it was usually hit or miss, the last time i saw them they were great. They were doing Black Flag songs and Ian Mackaye did rise above with them. Speaking of which did the west memphis 3 compilation ever come out on vinyl?

Corey Williams (Internal Affairs, Carry On, Piece by Piece, Absolute Madness)

Our good friend Corey Williams got into a serious bike accident, but is recovering.
In the meantime Corey's new band Absolute Madness is recording a new ep, make sure to check it out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


BLACK FLAG -- JEALOUS AGAIN 10". I got this in a trade with my good Hows your Edge trading buddy Mike Johnson. He was looking for Punch in the Face records and I am always on the hunt for Black Flag records on color. Unfortunately there is a tiny chip in the 10" but fuck it and who cares. I just recently finished the Black Flag biography Spray Paint The Walls. I knew that Ron Reyes sang on this ep (their second singer) but was always labeled as Chavo Penderest. Here is what was written in the book, pretty cruel and interesting.
The Jealous Again EP was released after Reyes had left the band for a final time. He was credited as "Chavo Pederast", nonstandard Spanish for pedophile, after a falling out with the band. Reyes was so angered at this perceived betrayal that he hit Dez Cadena in the head with a brick, and later smashed their touring van's windshield. Reyes had also alerted the Canadian border agents to the band's lack of work permits, which prevented them from playing their final Canadian show of the tour. -- tp

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It all started on Saturday when I went to TKO Records in Fountain Valley to pick up the Sick Of It All-s/t 7" which was repress for record store day on CLEAR vinyl ltd. to 500 copies. I could only get one due to 1 per customer rules, wack. According to a REV employee there were 4 different covers made for this repress, 1 was a glued pocket sleeve which I got, another was a fold out sleeve, 3 one was the gilman cover,and the 4th is a mystery to me. All with a special stamp saying "record store day 2010. I also picked up a bunch of records I didn't know were out, crucial section, raw nerve, vicious cycle, etc. I was also threaten by this mexican/white thug but that's a whole other story.

I than went to Dr. Strange records alone since no one else was down to go, pussies. There I picked up another SOIA record for a friend from Europe and got a bunch of Lp's and some more 7"s.

I didn't feel like separating every record to were I got what and some 7"s I got in the mail that Saturday and I also got some at Amoeba the same day. I went all out for record store day and scored some good records(I like these bands), I think.

record store day

Record Store day was this past Saturday. Amoeba, Vacation Vinyl, and Oragami Records was absolute nuts. I heard their are 4 versions of the Sick Of It All alleyway crew ep. The version I got was with a 4th press cover fold over sleeve with the 4th press lyric sheet. Did anybody get the Joy Division Box Set?