Tuesday, August 2, 2011

these past 2 weeks

These past 2 weeks, I saw the following bands play from what is left of the Malfunction Roster. Bitter End played La 3 times. They are probably the best younger bands that are incredible to watch live. its like a perfect well oiled machine. I ve seen them with 2 different lineups in one week. (2 shows were with Sound and Fury and Strife and the other one is the beginning of its west coast tour with Ringworm, New Lows, and Nails). I love the fact they are still touring and still putting out great music.

Ceremony headlined day 1 of Sound and Fury and were so much fun to watch. Despite all the crappy sound difficulties the show and response was insane. Congrats to them on signing to Matador! I cant wait to hear the new record.

I saw Trash Talk play with Fucked Up and freaking annihilated downtown Los Angeles. I only expect bigger things to come from them as well as their own label TTC.

Cold Cave (Members of AN) was probably the best performance I had seen them do last Wednesday. Almost all of give up the ghost was there to watch Wes and Co take control. It was very inspiring.

Reign Supreme has announced that they are signing to Media Skare so hopefully they will tour the west coast and become an active band again.
Piece by Piece is still playing shows and have released their latest on Reaper records.
Secret People has members of Right On and are tearing up Nor Cal. Hopefully I get to see them soon!

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