Friday, June 24, 2011

Rotting Out – Street Prowl

Rotting Out – Street Prowl
My friend Mike was in a band called Rotting Out. He left the band last summer due to the fact he couldn’t tour full time. Their bassist took on the vocal duties and has changed the band around. This band has no ex members of any prevalent band from before. They just took over from where Mike had stopped and have dominated the Los Angeles scene. Next to Touché Amore this is one of the biggest bands in the Los Angeles hardcore punk scene.
Their debut lp, Street Prowl, is more in the vein of punker suicidal tendencies. Walter Delgado has taken over for vocal duties and his lyrics are a bit personal. In fact they might be too personal for my tastes, but live they do shred. Anytime they perform it is a stage diving frenzy. This lp is out on 6131 records. They did a nice job on the packaging, full color poster and jacket. The record release version is just blank labels numbered out of 50. I know they will be one of the bigger bands to perform at this year’s Sound and Fury. 6131 are taking preorders for this along with their side project band Minority Unit right now.

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